Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Walk In Downtown Cleveland

They used to call Cleveland, Ohio the mistake by the lake.  Well they have done a tremendous job of lifting the city up.  It is a showcase of architecture, history and best of all the arts and nightlife.  Definitely a vacation destination. Here are a few images I captured "on the quick" while on an afternoon walk through downtown. There's so much more amazing stuff to see and shoot in this city. (Click on an image ONCE to initiate the slideshow)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mississippi Memories

I spent some time in the Mississippi Delta doing arts and education projects in conjunction with The Delta Research and Cultural Institute at Mississippi Valley State University. So these are some of the things I saw and documented. People, places and things that help tell the story of the Mississippi Delta. (Click on an image ONCE to initiate a slideshow.)

Cooking at Hoover's Groceries in Greenwood.

The Back in the Day Museum in Greenwood.

Reverend MacArthur McKinley of the Little  Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Money, MS..

Inside the Back In The Day Museum, Greenwood.

Grave site of the legendary Robert Johnson in Money, Mississippi.

Inside Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Money, MS.

Long time delta resident and oral historian Sylvester Hoover inside Little Zion.

The cotton gin where Emmett Till was beaten and murdered.  Since this image was taken it has been turned into a museum. -- Glendora, MS.

The Mayor, Fire Chief and Police Chief of Glendora, his honor, Johnny B. Griffin.

This memorial was built in Greenwood, Ms. at the site of what was Robert Johnson's house.

Mural on the side of Hoovers Groceries in Greenwood.

Mrs. Hoover doing her thing at store.  Best fried chicken I ever did eat.

Beautiful daughter of Sylvester and Mrs Hoover at the cash register.

Brothers hustling CD's in front of Hoovers Groceries.

Outside of the Emmitt Till museum, this bell was to signal the filed workers (sharecroppers) that it was time to eat.

This is Bryant's Groceries, where Emmett Till whistled at a white woman.  The rest is monumental  history.